William Shakespeare

Globe: Henry IV Part 1

Globe: Генрих IV (Часть 1)

Prince Hal, son of Henry IV, seems to be squandering his life among the whores, boozers and petty rogues of Eastcheap. And the greatest of these rogues is the fat knight, Sir John Falstaff, a liar, glutton, lecher, cheat, braggart, fool and sponger who also possesses wit, warmth, intelligence and a gigantic sense of fun. But beside these scenes of glorious misrule gathers a nationwide rebellion led by the Duke of Northumberland and his charismatic son, Hotspur.

The first instalment of Shakespeare's gripping account of the rise of Hal from idle barfly to monarch-in-waiting combines compelling power politics with the hilarious antics of Falstaff, Shakespeare's greatest comic creation.




2 hours 57 minutes with one intermission

Act 1

100 min


10 min

Act 2

67 min




16 October / Sunday


Henry IV Part 1

Language: english, russian subtitles

Zemlyanoy Val St, 33, Atrium Mall

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