Kirill Serebrennikov

Кирилл Серебренников


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 Kirill Serebrennikov studied Physics at the State University in his native Rostov-on-Don and began working in the theatre and for television whilst still a student. His breakthrough as a theatre director came with the staging of Vassily Sigarev's Plasticine in Moscow in 2001. Serebrennikov is now one of Russia's leading theatre directors and the head of Moscow's Gogol Center. He also began directing films from 1998, including Playing The Victim, Yuri's Day, and Betrayal which competed in Venice's competition in 2012. Serebrennikov is currently developing a biopic on the composer Tchaikovsky. 


15 April / Saturday


Parsifal: Kaufmann

Language: German, russian subtitles

Kutuzovskiy Ave, 21
1000 ₽

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