William Shakespeare

Globe: Henry VIII

Globe: Генрих VIII

The Tudor Court is locked in a power struggle between its nobles and the Machiavellian Cardinal Wolsey, the King's first minister and the most conspicuous symbol of Catholic power in the land. Wolsey's ambition knows no bounds and when his chief ally, Queen Katherine, interferes in the King's romance with Anne Bullen, he brings gigantic ruin upon himself, the Queen and centuries of English obedience to Rome.

Famous in its own day as Shakespeare's most sumptuous and spectacular play, Henry VIII is a gorgeous pageant of masques and royal ceremony; a blaze of fireworks, cannonfire, red satin and cloth-of-gold. But within the passages of grandeur works the mind of the mature Shakespeare: psychological and political insight, language of great depth and power and, in the figures of Wolsey and Katherine, two of his most vivid and memorable characters.




2 hours 51 minutes with one intermission

Act 1

83 min


10 min

Act 2

78 min




18 May / Tuesday


Henry VIII

Language: english, russian subtitles

Profsouznaya St, 61a, Kaluzhskiy SC
600 ₽

25 May / Tuesday


Henry VIII

Language: english, russian subtitles

Noviy Arbat, 24
600 ₽

30 May / Sunday


Henry VIII

Language: english, russian subtitles

Shchelkovskoe Hwy, 75
600 ₽

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