Frederic Chopin

Lady of the Camellias

Дама с камелиями

John Neumeier’s outstanding ballet is based on the novel of Alexandre Dumas and set to the evocative and romantic music of Frédéric Chopin. This utterly captivating work of rare beauty adds a tragic depth to the passionate yet doomed love. The beautiful 20th century ballet is one of the jewels in the Repertoire of the Bolshoi Theatre. Svetlana Zakharova, prima of the Bolshoi theatre, plays the role of Marguerite Gautier, and Edvin Revazov, principal of the Hamburg Ballet, plays the role of Armand Duval.


English, french


2 hours 53 minutes with two intermissions

Act 1

52 min


12 min

Act 2

42 min


15 min

Act 3

52 min




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