Léo Delibes



Coppelia is a rare comedy among the masterpieces of the classical legacy. The intricate choreography and the delightful score of Léo Delibes bring Hoffmann's story of love, mischief, and mechanical dolls to life. The enchanting ballet was revived by Sergei Vikharev, bringing the charming storybook world to life. This light-hearted and joyful ballet charms adults and children alike, with the beauty and elegance of Margarita Shrayner as Swanilda, Artem Ovcharenko as Frantz, and Alexei Loparevich as Coppelius.


English, french, russian


2 hours 8 minutes with two intermissions

Act 1

46 min


13 min

Act 2

29 min


5 min

Act 3

35 min




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