Aleksei Ivashenko

Алексей Иващенко

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He was born on May 12, 1958, in Moscow.

He graduated from an English-specialized school. In 1980, he graduated from the Geography Faculty of Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov, and in 1985, he graduated from the All-Union State Institute of Cinematography (workshop of Sergei Bondarchuk and Irina Skobtseva).

After graduating from the institute, he was assigned to the Theater Studio of Film Actors, where he performed in the play "Durachok" and appeared in episodic roles in movies. He worked at Alexey Rybnikov's "Modern Opera" theater and participated in the play "Liturgy of the Enthroned."

Since 1974, he has been writing songs to his own lyrics, as well as in collaboration with Georgy Vasilyev (the famous duo "Ivasi"). They have recorded a massive disc, several CDs, and released a collection of songs titled "Glafira and Ko."

Since the early 1990s, he has been involved in television commercials, dubbing in movies and television. Artists from Russian and foreign films speak with the voice of Alexei Ivashchenko, such as Bruce Willis ("The Fifth Element," dubbed for the First Channel), Hugh Grant ("Notting Hill," "Mickey Blue Eyes," "Morgan's Runaway Wife"), Dmitry Kharatyan (TV series "Countess de Monsoro"), and others. His voice is also known to children from animated series, including "Aladdin," where he voiced the Genie.

From 1998 to 2004, he collaborated with Georgy Vasilyev on the "Nord-Ost" project.



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